Soul Sherpa

Funk, Soul, R&B Collective

Ian Draves (Bass) & Hank Welter (Saxophone) jamming out on stage

Ian Draves (Bass) & Hank Welter (Saxophone) jamming out on stage

Soul Sherpa is a Nu-Soul/Funk musical collective ranging from 5-10 members. Nu-Soul is a genre that began in the East Coast and is now sweeping across the nation. Like the movement of Nu-Jazz, Nu-Soul is a blend of styles that is deeply rooted in Soul instead of Jazz. This bass driven style uses elements of Funk, R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop to form a unique sound that is not only pleasing to the ear, but also the soul. Some popular Nu-Soul artists include Anderson Paak, Allen Stone, Alicia Keys, Bilal, The Roots, and many more emerging artists. Soul Sherpa is the midwest’s premiere Nu-Soul band. From the groove pumping rhythm section, to a four-piece sizzling horn section, Soul Sherpa combines genres, creating an unforgettable musical experience. 

Each member of Soul Sherpa is anaccomplished musician in their own right. The collective ideas and love for music from each musician opens the doors to wicked solos across all instruments, guest collaboration with amazing local artists, and impossible amounts of on-stage energy. Soul Sherpa makes each show an unique and exciting experience. 

Soul Sherpa is an obvious choice for venues. Their music hooks a wide variety of audiences thanks to the fusion of modern and vintage music. With recognizable covers and catchy originals, Soul Sherpa captures the attention of any crowd. Small venues need not to worry; the flexibility of musicianship allows for Soul Sherpa to fit as little as 5 members on stage while maintaining a tight, high-impact, danceable show.